Friends of Sandhills Photography Club

Presenters: Programs, Workshops,  and Judging

Gary W. Baird: Programs

Keith & Tiffany Briley: Judging

Mark Buckler: Programs, Workshops, & Judging

Phylliss Burchett: Judging

Rob Byron: Judging

Adele Cabanillas: Judging

Athena Carey: Workshops

Vinny & Annette Colucci: Programs & Judging


Joel Collins: Judging


Ken Conger: Programs & Workshops 


David Culp: Programs 


Aurora DeLuca - Judging 

Rad Drew: Judging

Donna Eaton: Programs

Elizabeth George: Judging

Charlotte Gibbs: Workshops

Laura Gingerich: Programs & Judging

Cheryl Gottschall: Judging

Timothy Hale: Programs

Dick Handshaw: Programs

Johnny Horne: Programs

Greg Kiser: Programs

Bill Lea: Programs & Workshops

Don McKenzie: Judging

Darren McMahel: Judging

Melissa McGaw: Judging

Lisa Miyamoto: Judging

Mike Moats: Workshops

Charles Needle: Programs

Brian Osbourne: Programs & Workshops

Kate Silva: Judging & Workshops

Jeff Thrower: Judging

Felcia Truijillo: Judging

Diane Wehr: Programs

Laura Crawford Williams: Judging

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