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Day Trip to LA (Lower Aberdeen, NC

2020 OUTINGS - Susan Bailey, Outings@sandhillsphotoclub.org


Individual Outings

Starting next week we will move to Individual Outings.  I am hoping by July we can get some regular outings going.  These are the topics which will be in the June newsletter:


May 22-25     Pinehurst


June 1-8        Church                         any church and inside or outside – details or big scene

June 9-16      Reservoir Park          300 Reservoir Park Rd, Southern Pines, NC 28387

June 17-24    Railroad                      tracks, train cars, train station, train in motion, etc.


June 25-30    Flowers                        your garden, horticultural gardens, nursery, etc!


Individual outings now underway. Use links on home page to upload and view the various topics..

We are reorganizing the outings calendar to emphasize virtual photo outings.

Every Tuesday and Friday I will post a new theme on Facebook with a few details (see below to start planning your shots). Please upload your favorite images to share with our club. These are meant to challenge your imagination and skills!

The upload links are on the home page. Please, only post images appropriate to the topic!



More information will follow in upcoming newsletters.

May Topics

5/1 – Doors
5/5 – Pattern
5/8 – Clouds
5/12 – Trees
5/15 – Window Light
5/22 – Sunrise/Sunset
5/26 – Black & White
5/29 – Food

April Topics

4/3 – Books
4/7 – Vehicle
4/10 – Garden
4/14 – Glassware
4/17 – Fruit
4/20 – Water
4/24 – Shadow
4/27 – Candle

March Topics






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