Fifteen members spent a morning mulling over their 83 Scavenger Hunt images, with the attitude that criticism is a healthy means of growing and learning. We looked at what had been done well, and what could be improved. Technical quality, and the more subjective points of composition and emotional appeal were addressed.


     Being able to identify what you like about a/your shot is important. If we know what we like and why it works, we can keep improving on what we like in the next shots. Ask yourself, “I like this photo because…”. Each photo should bring out some kind of impact or emotion. Don McCullin says that if you can’t feel what you’re looking at, then you’re never going to get others to feel anything when they look at your pictures. Ask yourself, “When I look at this photo I feel…………………….”


     Thanks, Tom Reedy, for giving us other views of the photos to highlight perspective and cropping choices. And thanks also to Dave Verchick, invited to make some helpful comments. He added one more after the workshop ended: Most of the shots were taken from the same position/perspective – standing still and holding the camera up to your face. Get lower or higher, or lay on the ground sometimes for a different angle to create impact.


     Les Saucier, a macro photographer/speaker at the last CNPA conference, wrote that, “Photography is both art and craft. The craft is the doing. The art is the seeing and feeling. It is the seeing and feeling that makes the difference.”


     Al Reeder, Tobe Saskor, and Linda Piechota earned a logo patch for their creative efforts to get all 6 categories of pictures into one shot.


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