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See the Club Calendar for the schedule. A sample workshop slideshow is below: 

Currently, due to the Covid 2019 situation, all workshops are by Zoom and are limited to members only.

With Jacques Woods taking the role of Vice President, he has asked me to step up and lead the workshop committee. He set an example that will be  difficult to match, but I will try my best.

Currently the workshop committee consists of just me. We could definitely use some additional help. If you have a desire to help plan, execute and perhaps even lead a workshop, please contact me via email.

As we still must content with COVID and its restrictions, we will attempt to hold workshops online until we can safely meet in person. When practical the workshop will be 2 parts. A classroom portion, followed in a few weeks a “presentation” portion, where the attendees will show off what they managed to accomplish with the new skills.

Flash Photography Workshop

Presented by Brian Osborne

Brian Osborne is the owner and lead instructor of the Photo Classroom. He is also the founder of the Professional Photography Group, Charlotte’s largest photography team.


This two-part class will help you understand using your flash for both inside and outdoor photos.  We will also talk in-depth about how to get soft lighting, what are the main controls on the flash, the importance of fill flash and much more in the first session.   Then the second session will allow participants to share some of their own images created with and without the flash both for critique and in order to learn more from the discussion.  Brian will provide some suggested practice exercises at the end of the first session to guide the types of images that participants might work on before the second session.



Session 1:  February 8, 9-10:30 am

Session 2:  February 22, 9-10:30am


  • Cost: $75 (for both sessions)

  • Location in your home or office by internet connection

  • Workshop size: Minimum of 8 and 15 maximum,


If you want to register for this workshop or want more information about the program contact Frank Lipski, Chair of SPC’s Workshops committee by email


To pay and sign up for the workshop go to: If you go to this website you will be signing up for the Feb 8 class, but it will be for both classes.  If you go to this website to register, please send an email to Frank Lipski so he can keep track of registration.

Landscape Compostion Workshop

Presented by Kate Silva

Save the Date!


We have scheduled to have Kate Silva workshop on Landscape Composition.  

This will be a two part session.

Tuesday April 20 at 10am

Tuesday May 4 at 10am


Look for additional details in the near future.

Other topic being considered for this coming year:
 Printing
 Landscape Composition
 Use Phones for Photography
 Finalize the Street Photography Shootout
 Getting it right in the Camera
Looking forward to a “flashy” New Year!

Any ideas for virtual workshops are welcome. Please send any ideas to me at:

Frank Lipski:
Chair of SPC Workshops Committee


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