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The Sandhills Photography Club was started in 1983 to provide a means of improving members' photographic skills and technical knowledge, for the exchange of information, and, by club activity, to develop membership potential and public interest in the art of photography.

The Club meets the second Monday of each month, at 7:00 PM in the  Sandhills  Horticultural Gardens, G. Victor  and Margaret Ball Gardens Visitors Center, 3245  Airport Road, Southern Pines, NC . Meetings alternate between programs, competitions, and field-trip presentations. Workshops and field trips round out our activities. Guests are always welcome! 


Programs vary throughout the year. Guest speakers present instructional topics at regular intervals. These cover new materials and processes and various photographic skills and specialties. They present an opportunity for both beginners and experienced photographers to continue to improve their skills, both artistically and technically, and to share their interests in photography with members of the club.


There are currently and digital projection competitions throughout the year. They are judged by professionals from the area in three groups - Tier I, Tier 2, and Tier 3. This is an important form of instruction and interaction for club members.

Club members frequently participate in a spring or fall photographic field trip lasting three or four days. The chosen locations present a variety of subject matter. Photographs taken on these trips are presented at subsequent club meetings. In addition, one-day field trips to nearby locations challenge participants to find special pictures within a prescribed area.


Workshops cover a variety of photographic techniques and provide an opportunity for hands-on learning. Experienced club members or guest photographers conduct these workshops, which are scheduled four to six times during the year.

The majority of our members use digital photography as their primary vehicle and this is increasingly reflected in our programs, competitions, exhibitions, and workshops.


The club frequently hosts presentations of our work at various local venues such as our exhibitions at Campbell House every other summer and our frequent exhibitions at the Hastings Gallery at the Sandhills Community College Library.


For more information please visit at our meetings or contact or , or fill out the form on the Membership Page. (click here)

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