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Pam Jensen: Program Chair
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See the Club Calendar for the schedule. A sample workshop slideshow is below: 

Workshops – Whether you're a novice or a seasoned photographer, Sandhills Photography Club’s 2024 workshops will ignite your passion and unleash your creativity. Elevate your skills through hands-on sessions with experienced instructors. Topics will range from mastering composition, learning the latest techniques to enhance visual storytelling and unlocking the secrets of lighting.


“Small Lights, Big Results” with Certified Master Photographer George Joelle, will get us to step out of our comfort zone, learn the effects of adding off camera lighting resulting in transformative results.


Stay tuned for the latest workshop schedule updates and announcements for 2024! If you're passionate about photography and interested in teaching a workshop or have questions, reach out to Pam Jensen below.


Workshops are scheduled to be held on Saturday mornings at the SCC Horticultural Center and are intended to cater all levels of photographers.

Pam Jensen

Pam Jensen:
Chair of SPC Workshops Committee


The Wildlife Focus Group's Workshop Led by John German to Pocosin Lakes NWR and Lake Mattamuskeet NWF




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