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Cindy Murphy Program Chair
Committee members 
 Nina Drinko, Cal Rice, and Susan Bailey

Contact through the club's facebook group or at

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2024 Airbourne and Special Ops Museum Outing

2024 OUTINGS - Cindy Murphy,

Let me know if you are coming by emailing me:



Subject: June SPC  Outing

Our June outing is going to be to Star Ridge Aquatics with Susan Bailey leading in my absence:


Wednesday, June 26 • 8:30 to 11am


We will meet in the parking lot @ 8:30. • Contact Susan Bailey if you are able to attend:


We are limited to 15 people, so sign-up is required. If more than 15 people are interested, we will plan another time. There will be lots of waterlilies and other aquatic plants, as well as Koi fish. The lotus should be blooming as well.


Star Ridge Aquatics

180 Star Ridge Road

Carthage, NC





Cindy Murphy

PLEASE RSVP so that I know who to look for!

Please, only post images appropriate to the topic!


More information will follow in upcoming newsletters.

See Newsletter for more information.

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