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Day Trip to LA (Lower Aberdeen, NC

2021 OUTINGS - Susan Bailey, Outings@sandhillsphotoclub.org


Due to the increase in COVID we have no in person outings planned but will continue sharing themed topics online. Please post other photos as well!

December has been HOLIDAY photo month. It has been fun and uplifting to see holiday pictures, especially this year! You can upload your two favorites to the online Photo Challenge from December 21-31. We will send out links. Voting will take place the first week of January on those entries. 

In January we are going to look for images using a SHALLOW DEPTH-OF-FIELD. You can select any subject, camera, lens, etc. For those who haven’t used Aperture priority on their camera yet, this is your perfect opportunity to experiment. Here is a simple way to start. Use the largest setting (usually 3.5 – 5.6) and get close to your subject. You will see the background become soft or blurry. This is a good time to learn more about your camera; maybe Santa brought you a new one???

Please post your SHALLOW DEPTH-OF-FIELD images on Facebook and/or upload to the website. We will have a challenge and voting again. If you are not on Facebook and want your images to be considered for the newsletter, please send them to me at: susanbaileyphoto@gmail.com


Wishing you the very best in 2021!


Thanks for all the great  images. Members who do not use Facebook can send me their images for consideration in the September newsletter. Use the email above.


Please, only post images appropriate to the topic!


More information will follow in upcoming newsletters.

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