Competitions: The 2020 Committee is Jerry Kozel and Bonny Henderson

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Congratulations to the winners of the “25 Mile Radius” Competition. We were delighted

to have Adele Cabanillas of Adele Cabanillas Photography as our judge. We have

published her comments, so if you missed the competition, you can catch up by reading

each critique for the images.


Following the last competition, questions about copyright issues have arisen. Our competition manual does not address copyright issues and photographs of artwork. Copyright laws are very complicated and difficult to interpret, so we have asked that a specific committee help us investigate what is acceptable and what is not acceptable as far as accepting images of artwork. Dave Powers, our SPC representative to PSA, has agreed to research articles on copyright laws as they pertain to photography clubs. Jacques Wood will use his legal prowess to assist us in trying to understand copyright laws and copyright infringement. We are also seeking advice from members far more knowledgeable in the competition world and their experiences with what images are allowed.


Our upcoming competition is “Anything in the Kitchen” and the galleries will open at 4:00 pm on July 11. They will remain open for one week and will close on July 18 at 4:00 pm. There is a three-year time limit. Take a photo of anything: patterns from floor, dishes, cupboard; still life involving kitchen things; scene through the window into a kitchen; fancy food on a plate; design /shadows with silverware; person in kitchen; restaurant kitchen; reflections from pans, knives. Play with light and composition.

Currently, due to the Covid 2019 situation, all competitions are virtual and held by Zoom Meetings. Attendance is  limited to members only.


The Club holds photography competitions for its members throughout the year on assigned topics. This provides an opportunity for members to continuously improve their photographic skills and compare their results with fellow photographers. The competitions are also designed to encourage newer photographers with less elaborate equipment to participate with an equal opportunity for winning.

Competitions are held every other month from February to October. We also hold an online competition in November, as well. Currently all competitions are digital.

See the Club Calendar for the general schedule and the 2020 Competition Schedule for more details, and the most recent Newsletter for current competition information. 2020 Competition Manual

Deadlines for entering competitions are by 4:00 pm on ending  dates:


Preliminary 2021 Competition Topics: Open, Seaside & Beaches, Tools of the Trade, Golden Hour or Blue Hour, Black & White or Sepia, Industrial

PLEASE NOTE: The Competition Manual was last revised September 12, 2019. Please review it for details on how to participate in club competitions. 


To compete in the Sandhills Photography Club  Competitions you must rename the image file.


THIS IS REQUIRED: Please Change the file name to:  Comp_Class_Last Name_First Name_Title


For SmugMug entries, there is no other way to identify who the image belongs to. Please note, it is required by the competition manual for both email and SmugMug entries.

You must also include the metadata in the picture including the part that shows when the picture was taken. 


Post processing software that it used to prepare the picture for the competition does not always include all of the original metadata when the photo is converted to a jpg, exported, etc. In most software it is configurable as to how much is included in the exported photo (for example in commercial work you probably don't want to include everything in the photos you sell). 


With a Windows PC or a Mac it is easy to check the jpg before you upload it to ensure that the metadata is present and includes the date taken. Instructions for a Windows PC are here. Instructions for a MAC are here


If you aren't using a PC or a MAC there is a web site will check your photo and show you the metadata that is present. The link to the web site is Jeffrey Friedl's Image Metadata Viewer 

2020 Submission Dates

The Second Saturday of the month before the competition. I.E. January, March, May, July, September, November

2020 Competition Topics

February - Anything Old

April - Dominant Yellow

June - 25 Mile Radius

August - What's in the Kitchen

October- Spontaneous Public Scenes

December - Less is More

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