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NOVEMBER PROGRAM 2020: Dick Handshaw: "What Makes a Fine Art Photograph?"


“What Makes a Fine Art Photograph?” will be the topic for our general meeting on Monday, November 9th.

This program will be presented by Dick Handshaw who is the head of the Education Committee of Charlotte’s Light

Factory where he designs and teaches photography courses.

There are at least as many definitions for what constitutes a ”fine art” photograph as there are members of

Sandhills Camera Club. Dick uses this definition: “first and foremost [fine art photography is] about the artist.

It is not about capturing what the camera sees; it is about capturing what the artist sees.”

Dick will trace the history of fine art photography, starting with Neciphore Niepce in 1826 and going through

Pictorialism, Modernism, Group f/64, Photo Surealism, Street Photography and the last category which he calls

Pretty Pictures. This final category describes, according to some critics, what he and many of his friends make.

The question is, are they just pretty pictures or are they fine art?

Dick has told me that we should bring our opinions and be prepared to unmute ourselves and to share them. Dick has promised us an interesting and perhaps enlightening evening.

Dick Handshaw is currently a member of the Light Factory Board of Directors. He also serves as the head of the Education Committee where he designs and teaches courses. He spent 35 years of his career as a learning and performance consultant as president of his own company, Handshaw, Inc. Before that he earned his living as a professional photographer for ten years. Now he is combining those two experiences to help the Light Factory improve the consistency and quality of its educational offerings.

Dick has a BFA in photography from Alfred University and a MS in Instructional Systems Technology from Indiana University. He also served on the Board of Directors at the Carolina Raptor Center in Charlotte, NC, where he taught courses in Bird and Wildlife Photography. He has been passionate about photography since he was 14.

Dick's Website:

Monday, November 9, 2020

Members will receive the Zoom information the week before the program.

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