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Programs   Program Chair: Bob Mobsby
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PROGRAMS, Bob Mobsby

July 10, 2023: Astrophotography - Deep Space Photography by Larry Pizzi Larry Pizzi, a resident of Seven Lakes, will discuss how he became interested in astro/deep space photography, the gear and the techniques he uses to produce his striking images of our universe. You can some of view Larry’s work here:

September 11, 2023: RAW vs. JPG: Where the Anti-JPG Bias Came From by Gary Friedman (


Everyone knows that shooting RAW is the path to the very best image quality. But did you know that much of that common knowledge is no longer relevant? In this unusual talk, professional photographer and writer Gary L. Friedman explains why photojournalists and others can afford to shoot JPG only, and why some of the most innovative features your camera offers only work when shooting JPG. It’s a religious discussion that will open your eyes and change a few minds about these longheld beliefs.


November 13, 2023: The Holy Trinity of Landscape Photography: Light, Subject & Composition by Joseph Rossbach (


Master landscape photographer Joseph Rossbach will discuss some of his outstanding landscape photographs and give advice on how you can improve your own landscape shots. More details will follow in the next newsletter.

Bob Mobsby, Vice President / Programs

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